Art & Culture

Evansville is home to many artisans including but not limited to fine artists, performing artists, conceptual artists, public artists, and culinary artists. There is a vast array of cultures represented. Halston, creator of Jackie O’s famous pillbox hat, and fashion line for JCPenny’s in the 1960’s spent his creative years in Evansville, Indiana, developing some of his most famous fashion in the heart of downtown. John James Audubon, an internationally recognized wildlife artist, created an impressive portfolio while living along the Ohio River, here in the Mid-West. John James Audubon Museum and State Park was established in tribute just across the river in neighboring Henderson, Kentucky.

In the fall of 2002 Michael Aakhus,now Associate Dean of Liberal Arts at the University of Southern Indiana pulled an impression from Birds of the Americas by John James Audubon. The title of the print is Common Snipe or the Telltale Godwit. In the years 1832-1833, Prince Maximillion and Carl Bodmer were travelling down the Missouri and Ohio Rivers compiling the first scientific documentation of native american life. Bodmer’s 400 watercolors and drawings of their expedition, 87 of which were converted to engravings using aqua-tints, are on display at the MET, in Omaha, and in New Harmony, Indiana. The journals and images are still used today for the purposes of scientific documentation and realistic illustrations of native american life. We would like you to join us in our work to share, spread, build, and encourage arts and cultural industry.


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