Attracting and supporting the creativity and imagination of artists is vital to growing and maintaining cultural opportunities in the Evansville area.  Since the first cave dweller pictographs were painted, art has been a critical element in communication, education, culture, and history.  Arts and Cultural Industries are also an outlet for the ingenuity and brilliance of the human mind.  We believe the arts to be vitally important to our community and that supporting our local artists and other cultural industry even as we seek to provide opportunities for new artists/venues is social responsibility, economic investment, and unfettered growth potential for the future.  Support and opportunity is provided by a dedicated network of arts and cultural organizations along with committed groups of citizens and elected officials who support the arts in Evansville / Vanderburgh County.  The Evansville Arts District and Artist Relocation Program provide an array of opportunities for artisans and entrepreneurs while supporting economic development in downtown Evansville. The Evansville Museum of Arts, History and Science, Reitz Home Museum, Evansville African American Museum and Patchwork Central provide opportunities to exhibit, compete, and promote cultural awareness, and community involvement.

The Evansville Artist Relocation Program revitalizes historic neighborhoods through an appreciation of art thereby creating a stable, progressive and culturally diverse community.  Many of our properties are now available for development, rehabilitation, or purchase.  The staff at the Department of Metropolitan Development for the City of Evansville is able to assess your needs and guide you through the process.  Please take time to look at our properties and read through the guidelines.  If you see a property that you are interested in or have questions regarding the guidelines please contact us.  We encourage all artisans, entrepreneurs, and residents to consider the opportunities in the Evansville Arts District.  If you are interested in opening a gallery, boutique, restaurant, business, would like to live in a walkable, sustainable neighborhood, or any combination of these, please contact us. See you in the district.  


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