Welcome to the Evansville Arts District

The City of Evansville, Indiana is an interesting, eclectic mix of old and new.  It is also the home of the Evansville Arts District at Haynie’s Corner.  The creation of the district and implementation of a City led arts and cultural project is cause for a great deal of excitement, community pride, economic growth, and opportunity.  The majestic Ohio River is directly south of the district where a beautiful park and scenic Riverwalk /Greenway skirt the northern bank.   An abundance of varying landscapes  provide inspiring views of the area creating a great place for plein air painting and backdrops to use as subject matter for conceptual interpretations.  The downtown is a short distance along the riverwalk or by sidewalk through elegant historic neighborhoods with wonderful displays of 1800s-1900s architecture.  Throughout the district you will find many impressive homes representing Italianate, Queen Anne, American Four-Square and Classical Revival styles.  Evansville is home to two large universities.  The University of Evansville, which is nationally recognized for its theatre studies, is located on the east side of the city.  The larger of the two, the University of Southern Indiana, is located west of downtown and has a premier arts program offering numerous areas of study.  While you are walking in the district, visit the new galleries and shops, imagine yourself as another new resident enjoying the amenities of an arts and cultural district that is a walkable, sustainable, green neighborhood adjacent to the river and historic streets.


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